• 3 blocks away from the City Center

  • 7 blocks away from the Main Plaza (15 min walking)

  • 20 minutes away to the Airport by car

  • 15 minutes away from Chan Chan Ruins 

  • 17 minutes away from Huaca of the Sun and the Moon

  • 20 minutes away from Huanchaco

  • 10 minutes away from Aventura Mall

  • 5 minutes away from Real Plaza Mall

Trujillo, also called the city of eternal spring, is the capital of the La Libertad Region. Cultural and economic axis of the north coast of Peru.

The center of the city presents beautiful buildings that date back to colonial times, a city that combines the traditional with the modern.

Chan Chan Ruins


Considered the largest mud city in America, it is located in the valley of Moche, facing the sea, halfway between Huanchaco and the city of Trujillo. The archaeological site covers an area of approximately 20 square kilometers. The central zone is formed by a set of 10 walled enclosures (called "citadels") and other solitary pyramids. This central set covers an area of approximately 6 square kilometers. The rest is formed by a multitude of poorly preserved small structures, sidewalks, canals, walls and cemeteries.

Because of its great volume and its ancient prestige to have been the capital of an important and rich kingdom, chan chan has been present in the interest of travelers and researchers for centuries.

Huacas of the Sun and the Moon

The Huacas of the Sun and the Moon are monuments of Peru, located about five kilometers south of Trujillo, in the district of Moche. This archaeological site physically represented the capital of the Mochica Culture from the 1st century BC. C. until the IX century.

It is a building constructed for administrative purposes, consisting of a stepped pyramid of about 43 meters in height. It has five large terraces, the largest of eighty meters in length, on bases 228 in length by 136 in width and the platform of 18 meters in height, is crowned by a pyramid of 23 meters of high, that has a quadrangular base of 103 meters of side, according to the legend was constructed in 3 days employing 250,000 men and 70 million adobes.

This Huaca was the political administrative center of this culture and housing for the high society moche.


Located just 10 minutes from downtown Trujillo is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Peruvian coast. The beauty of its beach, and its formidable waves continue to attract tourists from all over the world. It is considered as a traditional fishing cove, whose inhabitants still retain many of the customs of their mochicas ancestors; such is that the tiny boats called "caballitos" of totora are still the main tool of work of the current fisherman huanchaquero.

Arqueological Complex El Brujo


It is one of the most important archaeological complexes of the north coast of Peru.Here was the mummy named Mrs. of Cao.

This complex is an old ceremonial center where you can contemplate the legacy of 5,000 years of occupation by the human being, its continuous construction is a succession of different cultural sequences that settled on the site for five thousand years in the pre-ceramic era Until its extinction in the time of the conquest

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